the smell of crayons brings back good memories of my a young girl and into adulthood, one of my favorite things to do was to sit and color with my mom...this recent work is in her honor. i learned that it is not only okay to draw outside the lines, but to scribble with the freedom of a child. scribble me happyscribble me champagne and oystersscribble me a color dancescribble me champagne and lobsterscribble me sunday brunchscribble me a brand new dayscribble me a dancing bearscribble me magnoliascribble me sweet carolinescribble me i need to knowscribble me somewhere over the rainbowscribble me chicken chow mein new york stylescribble me dumplingsscribble me bossa novascribble me a day at the museumscribble me a snowy dayscribble me winter in the woodsscribble me sunny side upscribble me mary poppinsscribble me pink pantherscribble me a winter's nightscribble me gardenia