growing up in the suburbs of washington,d.c., exposure to culture and history fostered a lifelong love of the arts.

having lived the majority of my life in southern california, I developed a great appreciation for the dynamic landscape and bohemian spirit enveloping the beaches, mountains and deserts surrounding me.

i find myself moved and touched by the differences in our society, the polarization generating our volatile political climate. my more recent work is reflective of my response to  the times we are living in. as a mixed media artist, i have found  a wonderful place to escape and share my concerns and compassion with my viewer.

being medium driven, I love getting my hands into the paints and feeling the materials I am using. 

often i incorporate  found objects or items that have special meaning to me, or just speak to me for some reason. i recycle my own artwork, often tearing old paintings and drawings up and using the energy they once possessed, in a new , fresh way. sometimes i will include things from nature, industrial cast offs, a favorite piece of clothing, paint brushes, books, other found objects, in my artwork. documenting my life's journey, reworking it into a new narrative.

my mixed media art tells the tale of my conversation with the world around me.